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Service through Response

Operator Interfaces or otherwise known as Human Machine interfaces (HMI'S) are indispensible in today's automated operations for machine control and manipulation of the processes. So when they fail, you need responsive HMI repair services to minimize downtime. Re-investing in a brand new interface or replacement might not always be a wise business decision. Often, if you have to upgrade or change to another brand additional programming is needed to get the unit configured and operating for your application. This can be time consuming and costly. You can reinstate the Operator interface or HMI back to its original performance via repair.

The technicians at QIE will connect and download the existing program if applicable, and locate the exact problem with your HMI, right down to the component level. Why go to your OEM when you can get proven services at competitive rates? As a result, you get quality HMI repair on your operator interface or HMI with minimal delays. Leave your Operator Interface or HMI maintenance and repair concerns to QIE. Be it touch screen, keypad, or both, our technicians draw from their rich experience when dealing with your Operator interface or HMI repair. QIE goes even further, when the OEM does not support or sell an overlay, touch screen or keypad we have been making replacement overlays to fill this need.

Focus on Testing

QIE has hundreds of racks and equipment in house to set up and test Operator Interfaces or HMIs using the original manufactures systems. To go farther we anticipate most future problems, and perform preventive maintenance on your product. We simulate the toughest working conditions for your Operator Interfaces or HMIs to ensure that it operates at or beyond the manufactures specifications. Only in such a true simulation environment with full capabilities, can QIE afford to ship out a unit that's backed with the leading warranty in the industry.

Advantages of QIE service

Our technicians are capable of troubleshooting Operator interface or HMI down to the component level. Your unit will be cleaned, diagnosed, repaired & tested, to manufactures specifications.

  • Use our Online search for our repair history/capabilities.
  • Free Evaluation on unlisted items/manufacturers.
  • Average repair turnaround is less than one week on standard repairs.
  • Rush services are available at reasonable rates.
  • A full 2 year warranty on all standard in-house repairs.
  • We also offer re-manufactured equipment for many Operator Interfaces or HMI's.

To learn more about our Operator Interfaces or HMI's repair services, you can search or repair history database or speak with a QIE representative at US: (800) 265-1999 or International: (336) 665-1999

Let us repair your Operator Interface today!

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