AC Drive Repair

QIE - The Experts in AC Drive Repair

Did you know that you can save hundreds of dollars by choosing to repair AC drives rather than replace them? Yes, at QIE, our technicians perform hundreds of AC drive repairs every year, for a price typically less than half the cost of new! Imagine the savings this approach can bring to the table. QIE offers standard industrial electronic repairs for hundreds of manufacturers.

From surface mount components right through solder traces, we comprehensively address every aspect of your AC drive repair. We not only repair the drives initial failure, but go even further to identify and replace parts exhibiting fatigue or stress, components known to fail over time as preventive maintenance for the future. A battery of rigorous tests is performed at the end of every repair job to ascertain the performance of your equipment. So, when your AC drive reaches you, it's as good as new at nearly half the cost of a new product! If costly downtime is a concern, we also handle rush AC drive repairs.

How can our AC drive repair services benefit you?

  • We hire technicians that are experienced and trained in handling the most complex problems.
  • The QIE team of technicians is capable of troubleshooting and repairing AC Drives down to the component level.
  • The highly trained QIE technicians and engineers render QIE as the best provider of industrial electronic repair for AC Drives anywhere.
  • When we undertake an AC drive repair project, we follow a streamlined method.
  • Your AC Drive will be cleaned, diagnosed, repaired, tested, and re-built to like-new condition.
  • It doesn't end there. We also back our repairs with a comprehensive warranty guaranteeing quality! Our two-year warranty on standard repairs is testimony to the quality of our repair jobs.
  • We also offer re-manufactured equipment for many products.

If you need AC drive repair services, our team is at your service! You can speak with a QIE representative at US: (800) 265-1999 or International: (336) 665-1999