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As a leading industrial electronic repair company we have over 80,000 Items in our Repair Database. With over 25 years of experience we have the expertise and resources to reliably get your BELCO 031 repaired in a fast, efficient manner.
We stand behind the quality of our industrial electronic repairs with factory trained technicians providing repair capabilities and solutions since 1990. Only quality parts and components will be used in the repair your BELCO equipment, and back them with the Industry's leading 3 Year Warranty on standard repairs.
Send your 031 to the address posted below. Include our failure information form,a packing slip with your Company name, contact person, and Email address or phone number. Upon receipt of your repair, we'll inspect it and then contact you with a quote or evaluation notice. Normal turn around for repair is 5 to 7 business days, with "Rush Repair" available.
Our staff and repair technicians thank you for your interest.

*Any price quoted is based on the availability of parts, and a non-catastrophic failure.