Spring Special

Send in more than one item at the same time, and approve the complete order for repair during the second quarter, and get a discount off the lesser repair items (applicable to IN HOUSE repairs only). Just ask for our Spring Special!

Here's how it works:
One Item No Discount
Two Items 10% Off Second Item Repair
Three Items and 20% Off Third Item Repair
Four Items and 30% Off Fourth Item Repair

Note: Discounts apply to the least expensive approved items for repair. Discounts applicable for approved in house repairs only. Limited to one special per customer per quarter.

Highlights of Our Service

  • Save time and money with QIE industrial electronic repairs!
  • Free freight on qualified repairs for our business customers
  • Three-year warranty on all standard industrial electronic repairs
  • Over two decades of experience in handling small, mid-size, and large projects

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