Repair Cycles and Work Flow

  1. Unit received, logged-in, tracking number assigned and entered into the database within 24 hours.
  2. Units checked for excessive damage and missing parts. Standard pricing verified and released for customer quote.
  3. RUSH processed ASAP
  4. Units requiring research for repairable, classification, or pricing issues, typically take less than 14 days.
  5. Quote or evaluation faxed within 24 hours and customer service follow-up weekly until quote approved and unit is repaired and shipped.
  6. Parts located and ordered... Rush orders take priority. If unit not repairable due to parts, a replacement alternative if available is presented for purchase.

    R&D department locates all available documentation. Technician completes repair with available documentation, or utilizes reversed engineering where applicable.
  7. Unit cleaned, preventative maintenance performed, repairs completed and final testing concluded.
  8. Testing period is 24 to 72 hours as applicable. Rush repairs are typically 48 hours (as soon as possible as dictated by the nature of the repair, availability of parts, schematics, etc.).
  9. With a very large schematic library, dynamic load-testing, highly qualified technicians, documented Q.C. procedures and the leading warranty, you're assured of a quality repair.
  10. Final inspections completed, tracking numbers verified, documentation enclosed and unit shipped to customer within 5 business days average.

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