About Us

Service through Response

Quality Industrial Electronics started out in 1990 as a small industrial electronic repair facility, located on Burgess Road. in Greensboro, NC. We employed 4 people at the time. We started out repairing things such as KB drives, and similar equipment. However, the list quickly grew to keep up with our customers needs. Now we are factory authorized to repair approximately 20 name brands. In 1997, we moved to an expanded facility at 8642 West Market Street, Suite 118, in Greensboro, NC. This has allowed us to extend our industrial electronic repair capabilities to better serve our customers' needs.

Our industrial electronic repair capacity continued to grow to include comprehensive PLC testing, laser scanners, safety fences, motion control systems, and industrial video and audio systems to name a few. We now stock hundreds of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) units for testing our repairs, to ensure quality. We now employ twenty-two people. Fourteen of them are technical personal, and eight of them are admin/support personnel. Our technical personnel have a wide range of skills, as well as years of experience in repairing industrial electronic equipment. Our office staff is friendly and helpful. With this combination of people, we aim to provide quality service that our customers deserve.

As we look to the future, we will continue to grow and expand our industrial electronic repair capabilities to serve our customers needs. As new technology is developed, we will develop our industrial electronic repair facility to adapt to the changing technologies. As our customers needs change, we will adapt to better serve them.

Service Through Response Our Guiding Focus

Why is the focus on quality taken so seriously, you may ask? Obviously, it's a tremendous benefit for the customer of QIE, but beyond that, it's a mandate driven by QIE's industry leading warranty program. By offering the most outstanding warranty in the industry, a 3 year warranty on the complete unit for all standard industrial electronic repairs and re-manufactured units, QIE puts its own reputation and profitability on the line for the benefit of the customer. Therefore allowing the QIE customer to be proactive in regard to operational preparedness, rather than risking costly down time.

The company's focus on quality has never wavered and will never change. From your first contact with a QIE customer service representative, to industrial electronic repairs or purchase of re-manufactured equipment and finally to the shipment and tracking of your order - delivering *quality* and value are the guiding focus of everything we do. Known throughout the world for speed in response and quality in industrial electronic repairs and re-manufactured equipment, the QIE team stands ready to serve your needs.

Previous to employment, every prospective QIE technician undergoes a rigorous screening and testing process to ensure they meet the highest in professional standards and technical knowledge. The few applicants that measure up to the QIE standard are supported on the job with the most advanced industrial electronic repair and testing technologies available. Because advancements in electronic technologies move at an ever increasing speed in today's world, it's imperative that personnel are kept abreast of the very latest breaking advancements. That's why QIE invests heavily in the constant training and education of our electronic technicians and personnel. So much so, that QIE is officially recognized as an Authorized Service Center for more than 17 electronic manufacturers. This wealth of knowledge and professional expertise is the QIE business advantage.

Testing, Testing and... More Testing

While well-qualified highly trained personnel are a critical element in trouble shooting industrial electronic problems in either a repair or the screening of re-manufactured units, testing is the vital link that ensures "quality" in every unit shipped. The Research and Development (R&D) team at QIE has constructed the most dynamic and comprehensive testing lab available in the industry today. All qualified units are lab-tested dynamically in a load bearing live environment for 24 to 72 hours (as applicable). Our PLC testing equipment assures that we can duplicate your problem, anticipate most future problems, and diagnose and fix them correctly. Only in such a true simulation environment with full capabilities, can QIE afford to ship out a unit that's backed with the leading warranty in the entire industry. Bottom line, rigorous testing ensures that when you place a repaired or re-manufactured unit from QIE into operation - it's going to work reliably.