Calibration Capabilities

QIE - Service Through Response

Current capabilities include voltage, current and resistance time and speed measurement traceable to NIST standards. QIE has an established calibration lab that maintains equipment capable of calibrating 99+% of common industrial instrumentation. Any units requiring greater accuracy are second sourced. (QIE acts as an agent only -- customer must issue a PO#) Calibrations are performed in accordance with MIL STD 45662A. This was the benchmark standard adhered to, previous to, the introduction of ISO 9002. ISO 9002 is based on MIL STD 45662A, yet is international in scope. MIL STD 45662A is the backbone of the industries quality standards.

Typical equipment calibrated are temperature controllers, analog and digital multipliers (bench type and hand held) chart recorders, oscilloscopes and rate counters. "Repair" to calibration sensitive equipment includes calibration. "Calibration only" does not include repair except for the most minor types such as battery replacement, if required. Calibrations include certification at no extra charge whereas calibrations requiring before and after data will incur added costs.

In some instances it is helpful for the end user to supply all information available on the unit being shipped; MIL STD 45662A requires calibrations to be done only to the manufacturer's specifications. We carry an extensive library of procedures but in some cases we may not have it readily available. Therefore, turnaround time may be more expedient if the customer provides the documentation as opposed to QIE placing them on order. Another requirement of MIL STD 45662A is for the calibration lab to be staffed with only qualified technicians. The QIE calibration technical team has more than 40 years experience.